“MINDFIELD is the perfect diversion for military history enthusiasts.” 

Mark Kimelheim 

Philadelphia, PA


“Gontza Games has really stumbled into a niche with MINDFIELD. It is the rare board game that deftly weaves history, trivia and outright entertainment into a banner of patriotism and fun that would keep even Betsy Ross on the edge of her seat! The diversity of the questions pays balanced homage to the five star general and the wrench turner… from Ike to Kilroy. For students of Military history; a bastion of knowledge and a chance to sharpen your bayonet for the novice; a source of enlightened appreciation for our military services and an ideal place for a beach head…”

Wayne Williford

Philadelphia, PA


“Okay, so it’s not a whiz-bang, shoot-em up, electronic computer game. However, Mindfield is just about the best overall military trivia game on the market. Special large type makes it great for older veterans.”

Rod Powers

US Military Guide on about.com



“We are studying WWI and WWII…. One of my students showed me your game (MINDFIELD) and it’s great!”

Eileen Gerrish

Saranac Lake NY


“I was pleased to hear from Ann when she called me about MINDFIELD. I thought it would be a perfect fit for the Treats for Troops Gift Shop. Clearly many others thought the same thing because it has been shipped to troops all over the world! We have heard from several who said it was a great way to spend an evening.”

Deborah Crane

President and Founder, Treats for Troops Inc.