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Gontza Games, which began 2002 as Thwaprs Company, now has an expanded product line of three games: MINDFIELD (introduced in 2003), Pass the Grogger! (2008) and Christmas Cards (2008).

Pass the Grogger! and Christmas Cards debuted at DEXCON in East Brunswick, NJ in July 2008.
Here’s a brief summary of each game:


Are you a military enthusiast or history buff? This would be the perfect board game for you! Our game consists of a game board that is the American Flag with the Declaration of Independence in the background. Answer one question right in each of the eight categories and win the game. But, beware of the Bomb! Learn More …

For children ages 4-10, but fun for the entire family!

Pass The Grogger

This is one grogger you won’t mind the children playing with. Teach your children about Esther’s Megillah as they make pairs of cards; Queen Esther pairs with Queen Esther, Mordecai with Mordecai, etc. The only way to make a pair with Haman is by covering him up with a Grogger! Learn More …

For children ages 4-10, but fun for the entire family!

Chrismas Cards

What does a child want to see on Christmas morning? Children make pairs with Santa, Rudolph, Toy Soldier and Candy Cane. Children don’t want to see a Stocking with Coal on Christmas morning, so they have to get a Tree with Presents. Children will play this cute little stocking stuffer long after their other Christmas presents are broken. Learn More …